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4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Bitcoin

By Philip Tull | February 18, 2018

The past week of market volatility and risk has been a textbook reminder of the benefit and disciplines of remaining a long-term investor. Over the past month I have received a barrage of questions about Bitcoin and how to invest. As a response, I began writing on the topic but was unable to publish prior […]

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Putting Market Volatility in Context

By Robert W. Tull | February 9, 2018

This quote is engraved on a clock gifted to me by a client and friend, who has heard me say this very thing since the late 1980s. It sits on my desk and serves as an important reminder to always look at the big picture. Like now, for instance…let’s place the recent stock market volatility […]

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Keeping Perspective When the Market Drops

By Robert W. Tull | February 2, 2018

We are two days into February 2018, and we have viewed something not seen in a while on TV screens – the color red on the market reports. The market began the year very strong and there was much talk about a robust 2018. We continue to believe this is the case based on the […]

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