Lives in Transition

While sound financial planning is generally beneficial for anybody, we are aware that sudden unforeseen financial changes in your life can be particularly stressful. This program is designed to provide trustworthy professional support in a safe environment to people seeking financial guidance in particular situations, such as:

  • Facing divorce 
  • Suffering sudden loss of spouse / significant other (an individual with whom financial responsibilities have been shared) 
  • Experiencing sudden lifestyle changes (such as a career change, relocation to new area, marriage, retirement, or other circumstances that present a significant change to your financial landscape)

These events may initiate the need for guidance from a trusted advisor. One of our planners will meet with you confidentially and develop a plan of action that is right for you. Naturally, we will respect in confidence any personal information that is shared.  

Emotions of fear about your financial stability can be paralyzing, however, bills must be paid, taxes need to be filed, and financial matters must be handled in a timely manner. It is our job to assist in developing a plan and then encourage prompt action once you have made the decision. 

Engaging Tull Financial Group as your Financial Advisor can provide the following support:

  • Preparation of Financial Statements and Cash Flow Statements for an Attorney 
  • Evaluation and Analysis of situation 
  • Identification of financial strengths and shortfalls, and alternatives to solve or improve them 
  • Assistance in implementing changes where helpful 
  • A safe and secure environment that guards client confidentiality.

In order to determine if our firm can provide the services you require, your initial visit is complimentary. Please contact us to discuss whether we are a good fit for you.