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Dollar Tree Restricted Stock Units + Dollar Tree Stock Purchase Plan
Provide an overall analysis of your Dollar Tree 401(k) stock options.
Determine the most tax-efficient contribution strategy for your situation.
Plan how to best exercise and diversify your Dollar Tree stock options.
Dollar Tree 401(k) Plan
Provide an overall portfolio allocation recommendation based on your risk tolerance and time horizon.
Deliver an investment proposal specific to Dollar Tree 401(k) plan offerings, while providing active investment management tailored to you.
Determine the best contribution type (pre-tax vs. Roth) and amount while considering your individual tax bracket, cash flow surplus, and living expenses.
Provide a drawdown schedule that achieves tax-efficiency within your personalized, recommended withdrawal rate.
Dollar Tree Deferred Compensation Plan
Explain high-level characteristics of deferred compensation plans.
Work closely to calculate a recommended amount to contribute to the Dollar Tree 401(k) Deferred Compensation Plan that builds a personalized distribution strategy based on your financial goals and risk level.
Implement deferred compensation plan and align your plan distributions with future cash needs, such as a child’s college tuition, retirement cash needs before Social Security, etc.
Dollar Tree Health Care Benefits
Provide an overview of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and tax benefits of each.
Develop a personalized plan for your medical expenses, cash flow, and tax bracket to determine the strategy that may benefit you the most in the long run.

How Can Tull Financial Group Help You?

Too many options can sometimes be overwhelming. Going it alone can leave you feeling uncertain about your future.
That’s where we can provide guidance. With over 30 years of wealth management and financial planning experience,
we can assist you step-by-step through a holistic financial planning process that helps
you accomplish more with your hard-earned money.

Business Adviser Meeting

Assess Your Situation.

We take time to understand your goals, strengths, and opportunities to compile a comprehensive analysis of your current financial situation.

Business People Meeting

Strategically Utilize Your Benefits.

We then determine an appropriate plan to help reach your financial goals, weighing risk tolerance, tax efficiency, time horizon, and more. Whether you are wondering how much to contribute to your Dollar Tree retirement savings plan, what you’ll need to retire in five years, or how to best utilize restricted stock units, we can answer these questions and many more.

Financial Advisor Meeting

Execute Your Plan.

We don’t stop there. We guide you through the implementation of your personalized plan to ensure you are well-positioned to meet your financial goals.