Advisory Fees

We are a “Fee-Only” firm. Our advisors are only compensated by fees paid directly by our clients. We receive no commissions, no third-party payments, and have no financial interest in any services or investment products we employ for our clients. Fees are always quoted and agreed upon in advance and are clearly disclosed.  

Tull Financial Group is a proud member of NAPFA. We have a fiduciary duty to all clients and act solely in the best interest of our clients at all times.

What is the Minimum Required for Wealth / Investment Management?

To ensure that we remain able to provide the highest quality investment advice to our clients, we observe certain minimum thresholds for client relationships. The investment requirement for our Wealth Management services is generally $500,000. This minimum amount refers to cash, stocks, and various investment accounts available to be managed directly by Tull Financial Group. There are exceptions to this minimum, particularly for clients who are adding to their portfolio on a regular basis. 

The annual fee for Wealth Management services is generally a specified percentage that does not exceed 1% of the market value of assets under management. Please see our Firm Brochure registered on the SEC website for complete information regarding fees.

Financial Plans

We offer Comprehensive and Modular Financial Plans. Depending upon the scope and complexity of the Plan, and whether it includes an Investment Proposal, fees may range between $2,000 and $5,000.  

Initial financial planning fees are based on individual situations and requested areas of review. Fees are determined at the outset, with half payable upon the signing of the Financial Plan Fee Agreement, and the other half payable upon completion and presentation of the plan.

Investment Proposals and Retirement Projections

The fee for an Investment Proposal is $750. Depending on the complexity, the fee for a Retirement Projection is between $1,500 and $2,000. Fees are half payable upon the signing of the Fee Agreement, and the other half payable upon presentation of the Proposal/Projection. 

Hourly Consultation

Tull Financial Group can also provide services on an hourly basis to clients seeking clarity on a specific subject with a clear objective and point of completion. Hourly Consultation rates range from $100 to $300 per hour, depending upon the complexity and level of expertise the work requires. TFG will provide estimated hours for the proposed service, and present a Fee Agreement. One-half will be billable upon signing the Agreement, and the last half will be paid upon presentation.

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